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STYLE Consultant Group is a professional personal shopper and fashion stylist company located in Charlotte, NC. Our STYLE Consultants’ approach to fashion, style, and aesthetics incorporates a client’s preferences with industry specialists. Our network of experts (i.e., apparel, accessories, beauty) collaborates on concepts and trends to present each client appointment with expectant outcomes. STYLE Consultant Group offers a variety of shopping services, including on location personal shopper experiences, image and style revamping, closet detox, wardrobe updates, special event selections, and polishing overall looks.

STYLE Consultant Group also offers professional organizing services for the home or office. Our expert organizers customize plans so that your space is at its optimum. From clearing the clutter to purging unworn garments to cleaning out the basement, STYLE organizers arrange room by room to create simplicity and order.

Our newest addition to personal shopper services is Gift Shopping & Gift Wrapping. No matter the occasion or the individual, we will gift shop and gift-wrap it for you.

  • I first met Natalie after receiving the most amazing Christmas gift from my husband. He arranged for Natalie from STYLE Consultant Group to come into our home and play “What Not to Wear” in my closet (but in a much nicer way) followed by providing a full style consultation and help with buying new items. This was huge as I had had four kids in six years, and it was time to replenish the closet with non-maternity clothes! Together we determined the pieces of clothing that were missing from my wardrobe. I then set a budget for her to stay within and off she went! A few days later, I met Natalie out for a day at the mall where she had already visited numerous stores and pulled pieces for me to try on when we arrived. It was the easiest shopping experience I’ve ever had. After a successful full day of trying on clothing, I went home with a brand new wardrobe for the winter months… from cute daytime outfit for playing with the kids to super chic date night options, I felt renewed! Natalie’s fun, spunky, and sweet personality totally made the process exciting. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking to shake things up in their closet.

    Jessica Connolly
  • I hired STYLE Consultant Group to work with my daughter Mallory just after her college graduation as she was entering the “real world” and starting to interview for her first job. I felt that my daughter would take STYLE advice better from a professional stylist, or personal shopper, rather than her own Mom. I first spoke to Natalie to arrange a date and time as well as deciding which package we would be purchasing, and she was very good to help me keep this a surprise for my daughter. Not only was Natalie very professional and fun to work with, but also she did exactly what I had asked or had in mind. She showed and shopped with Mallory ways to use some of her current wardrobe and incorporate it into a much more sophisticated, professional look. I really wanted my daughter to get out of that “college girl” mentality especially when interviewing! Natalie also arranged an appointment for hair at a salon within our pre-discussed budget and gave Mallory beauty tips on makeup that would look more natural and attractive for her age. Overall, I was very pleased with STYLE Consultant Group personal shopper services, and my daughter thought it was a very cool gift for graduation!

  • I first called STYLE Consultant Group and spoke to Natalie about their personal shopper services and my job relocation from New York to Charlotte, NC. Coming from a background in academia and transitioning into a corporate banking setting, I definitely would be in unfamiliar territory – both geographically and stylishly. My wardrobe consisted mostly of jeans and a variety of shirts or tops – some feminine and some kind of everyday tees or polos. Having spent most of my time in a university setting, I didn’t have much need to dress up or dress professionally because my interaction was with students and a lot of time was doing research. Sure, I had certain pieces within my wardrobe that were for the weekends or for going out to dinner and things, but that too needed revamping. Once I got to Charlotte, I called Natalie again and we arranged two different dates to meet and start updating and transforming my wardrobe – one day was strictly for professional attire such as suits, skirts, blouses, heels, etc. and the other day was for weekend and casual looks. I wanted to go all out and do a thorough change to my closet, and Natalie delivered! Since she helped me tremendously with fall/ winter garments, I have already called her for a rebook to do spring/ summer.

    Andie L.


STYLE Consultant Group serves the Charlotte Metro area for personal shopper and professional organizer services; however, we will travel to Atlanta, Boston, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh and Washington, DC.