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What can I expect with my complimentary consultation?

The goal for the consultation is to get to know the client and determine what the client is trying to achieve – an outfit for a specific event, new wardrobe for the entire season, closet purge, update overall style, etc.  STYLE Consultant Group will then recommend which package best suits the client’s needs. We also discuss cost and budget so that everything is upfront and desired outcome will be met.

What can I expect from a style session with STYLE Consultant Group?

Once agreeing upon one of our packages during the consultation,   STYLE Consultant Group and the client agree on a date, time and location of the actual style session and personal shopping event. In some cases, clients first arrange with our fashion stylists to do a complete closet detox and have a clear focus for looks, outfits, specific garments and accessories, etc. Also depending on the package, we allot additional time with the client that does not include the actual store-to-store shopping. What this means is that once we meet with a client, we will discuss new styles or looks, and concepts in fashion such as fabric, color, and figure – all prior to the on start of shopping.

Do people often combine personal shopping services with organization services?

Yes! Often times, when clients inquire about our personal shopping    services, they usually decide to go with the package that includes the closet detox, or closet purge. Once we have completed the at- home closet cleanse, STYLE Consultant Group arranges another date and time to do the personal shopping with the client. Between these two dates, our stylists do hours of research, scouting, selecting and shopping so that your experience with us is effortless, quick, and pleasurable. Because of our savvy stylists, clients more often than not add-on the closet organization service to complete this process! There’s just some sort of accomplishment once a client has all new attire and it’s perfectly displayed in their newly designed closet at home.

How much input do I have as the client when a personal shopper is shopping with me or for me?

As much as you want! We let the client decide how comfortable he/she is in making decisions about the clothing selection process.  While STYLE Consultant Group has a precise method of doing things and are the experts on style and fashion, we always value the client’s input. At the end of the day, we want you to be happy with STYLE Consultant Group as well as with the items we choose together.

How long is the personal shopper process (or style session)?

It depends. STYLE Consultant Group has a variety of packages – STYLE Me 1, STYLE Me 2, and STYLE Me 3. The difference among these is the time we spend actually shopping with you – 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. All of the packages include a personal assessment   of your style goals and how we will achieve them. We also incorporate research on our end, otherwise known as behind-the-scenes, and STYLE Consultant Group preselects items for the client to ensure convenience and ease of the shopping excursion, allowing more time for the client to try-on garments and shop with     your stylist on site.

Another difference in the STYLE Me personal shopper packages is the level of instruction by our stylists on combining pieces that may         already be in your closet thus sometimes saving the client money or making your spending budget go further! You may also opt for the package that includes coaching on hair, beauty and makeup.

The final difference in our shopping services is whether or not the client decides to start with the initial closet elimination process…    which we refer to in many different ways – closet detox, closet purge, closet cleanse.

What type of budget do your clients typically have?

It defers. STYLE Consultant Group works with clients’ budgets from a   couple hundred dollars to thousands. It also depends on the scope of your style goals or what reason you decided to hire a personal shopper.

Where do you normally take your clients?

Being based in Charlotte, NC, STYLE Consultant Group takes a vast majority of clients to SouthPark Mall. We also tend to shop at stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Forever 21, and even stopping by the outlet malls at Concord Mills and Charlotte Premium Outlets.

Do you shop online for clients?

Yes! When our stylists just cannot find that one item in our mind to complete an outfit, or something specific a client has requested, we will stop at no nothing to find it! Having resources around the US, STYLE Consultant Group is able to access these connections for special garments and accessories.


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