By Alexa Macek Now ladies, as lucky as we are to constantly have new fun fashion trends thrown at us, it is now the men’s turn. Menswear fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2016 have a variety of [...]

One Look, Many Pieces

By Alexa Macek These harsh upcoming winter months have everyone rushing to get inside… into giant sweatshirts and hibernating for days. Unfortunately, we cannot all have it as easy as bears do [...]

Organization Services

By Alexa Macek “New year, new me,” the most cliché saying for anyone coming up on a new year… but for anyone who can relate to a Hoarders episode, especially when it comes to your closet, maybe a [...]

Bling in the New Year

By Alexa Macek New Year’s Eve is the biggest social event of the year. Going to the best parties, with the best people and in the best clothes! Finding the perfect New Year’s Eve dress is a [...]

Travel Tips and Tricks

By Alexa Macek Nothing goes hand in hand more than traveling and the holidays. With family and friends scattered across the state or country, traveling can be exhausting… but what you don’t want [...]

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