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By Alexa Macek

“New year, new me,” the most cliché saying for anyone coming up on a new year… but for anyone who can relate to a Hoarders episode, especially when it comes to your closet, maybe a new you wouldn’t be so bad after all!

Organization is key to a less stressful life which, in turn, leads to a healthier life.

Getting a jump-start on organizing the home, your closet, your kitchen, and eventually your schedule, makes way for all kinds of simplicity, less stress, and more time to enjoy what you actually have!

High levels of stress have been linked to a diverse amount of health related issues, not to mention, just everyday occurrences that can leave you flustered and not knowing where to start.

Since not everyone is an “organized person,” fortunately you have the professionals at STYLE Consultant Group to offer services just for that!

STYLE Consultant Group expert organizers work on and tidy up: Closets, Offices (home & work), Bedrooms, Playrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchen & Pantries, Storage Rooms, Garages, Attics, and Basements. Not only does STYLE Consultant Group organize these rooms and create order, but also they will teach you how to uphold these systematic methods of organized spaces.

Our experts will come in and clear the clutter as well as remove unnecessary items… that for some reason you have been holding on to for years but just can’t seem to get rid of. STYLE Consultant professionals come into your home or office and arrange these spaces in a meticulous way to create order and simplicity needed in your life.

No matter how big or small your project is, STYLE Consultant Group professional organizers uniquely plan the room according to your needs. No one room is the same and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Taking control of a messy room is the first step in creating a more composed lifestyle. If any of this sounds like a good idea for your new year, schedule an appointment via email at STYLE Consultant Group website or by phone at 646-884-0300.

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