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Are personal shoppers and fashion stylists becoming a status symbol like having a personal assistant or your own driver? Have people become too busy or too preoccupied to shop for their own clothes? Or do we just want the convenience of other people and our electronics to avoid the crowds at the mall?

Whatever the case may be, personal shoppers are becoming more and more commonplace – and not just for the wealthy people in your city.

Charlotte’s own STYLE Consultant Group recently celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary and has its clientele to thank for spreading the word.

STYLE Consultant Group works with an array of clients from doing a “closet detox” and updating your entire wardrobe to shopping and styling you for more specific reasons… a new job, after a baby, weight loss or gain.

Working with a style consultant teaches you how to incorporate chic looks into your everyday attire and ensure that you are dressing in appropriate fabrics and maximizing your potential with flattering colors and silhouettes.

Whether the goal is to select just a few outfits for getting started or to shop for a whole new clothing collection, STYLE Consultant Group customizes each shopping experience.
Having a personal shopper, or fashion stylist, shop with you or for you is the next big thing amongst busy career women, busy Moms, and those who simply need some closet coaching.

Many of you have heard of personal shopper online sites that send clothes directly to you such as Stitch Fix or Le Tote… STYLE Consultant Group offers personal shopper services on site for individuals at a flat rate, depending on the package.

Whether you’re shopping for an upcoming trip, an entire wardrobe for the current or next season, or you are transitioning into a new career, STYLE Consultant Group can do that with you.

Making the shopping experience effortless and well-timed, our personal shoppers preselect items and accessories for you based on your needs and purpose – all with style. After agreeing upon a shopping location, our professional stylists take you garment-by-garment to complete looks and begin filling your closet with clothes that you actually wear!

From a style session, which includes an overview of color, fabric, and design, to the actual shopping and trying on event, our personal shoppers ensure that each client’s expectation is met.

Our group is dedicated to daily commitments of research within the fashion industry – from news, trends, inspiration and designers to department stores, consumer behavior, media and lifestyle.

Our personal shoppers’ objective is making the client’s life easier when it comes to selection of garments, outfits, and attire ensembles. STYLE Consultant Group presents each client with exactly what they are hoping to achieve – in a stylish and chic way.

What else… STYLE Consultant Group has added two new services this year – organization and gift shopping services. Whether it’s your closet that needs declutter and simplification or another room in the house, our expert organizers get the job done, creating a balanced and orderly space.

Don’t know what to buy your brother for his wedding? Can’t figure out what to get your wife this birthday? STYLE Consultant Group personally gift shops too!

Whether for professional looks and everyday, trendy casual or for exceptional gifts, let STYLE Consultant Group shop you through Charlotte.

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