It depends. STYLE Consultant Group has a variety of packages – STYLE Me 1, STYLE Me 2, and STYLE Me 3. The difference among these is the time we spend actually shopping with you – 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. All of the packages include a personal assessment   of your style goals and how we will achieve them. We also incorporate research on our end, otherwise known as behind-the-scenes, and STYLE Consultant Group preselects items for the client to ensure convenience and ease of the shopping excursion, allowing more time for the client to try-on garments and shop with     your stylist on site.

Another difference in the STYLE Me personal shopper packages is the level of instruction by our stylists on combining pieces that may         already be in your closet thus sometimes saving the client money or making your spending budget go further! You may also opt for the package that includes coaching on hair, beauty and makeup.

The final difference in our shopping services is whether or not the client decides to start with the initial closet elimination process…    which we refer to in many different ways – closet detox, closet purge, closet cleanse.

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